Nowadays online colleges are a very popular way for you to obtain the career you've always wanted. Since you can work from anytime and anywhere, it is a very convenient option for many people. Distance learning was always popular in the past, but the Internet and accredited college options has made it much more popular. With the right degree you can start a new career or get a promotion at your current job.

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Top 10 Myths About Online Colleges »

Many people wish to attend an online school but myths surrounding these programs prevent them from doing so. Before you cross out the option of online colleges, read the following top myths and the actual truths associated with them.

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How are online colleges accredited?

When searching for a college, accreditation is important. There are six regional agencies that are approved by the US Department of Education and the Council for Higher Accreditation. These agencies provide accreditation for online and traditional schools. A school that is accredited guarantees you that the hours you earn will be recognized by future employers and future universities or colleges you attend.

Finding out whether or not the school you want to attend is accredited is pretty easy. First, find out which state your program is in. Then, find the accreditation agencies responsible for that state. Finally, check to see if it has been accredited by that agency! Accreditation ensures that your time and money are not wasted on undesirable degree programs.

Online College Degrees